Content Marketing and Social Media

Social Media

Social media and content marketing can work really well together, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs with limited resources. Once you’ve created a piece of content that you’d like to use for marketing and set up a functioning email list, you can use social media to look for leads. There are four social networking […]

How to Use Content Marketing to Get Leads


You may be wondering how content marketing can directly support your bottom line. There are a variety of ways but this chapter will specifically discuss how you can use it to get leads. Yes, it is entirely possible to take any of the forms of content and use one of them to generate a list […]

Content Curation vs. Content Creation

Content Curation

Sometimes business owners stress themselves out about creating the content to use for marketing that the process becomes overly laborious and challenging. You don’t actually have to create every piece of content you use. There is so much information out there that you can still provide value by wading through it and sharing the most […]

Types of Content Marketing


Content marketing is beneficial but if you’ve never considered it before you may have a tough time figuring out the different types of content you can use. Even if you’ve tried your hand at content marketing you may be stuck on how to truly get the most out of your content. It always helps to […]

Why Content Marketing?

Content marketing cycle

Now that you have a better understanding of what content marketing is, you may be wondering why you should use it. Creating content can take time and effort away from other things you could be doing for your business. It’s definitely not a magic pill that you can use to experience instant profit making results. […]

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a phrase often mentioned when discussing digital marketing. It’s often used in so many different contexts; it can be tough to understand what it really means. Let’s clear that up right now. Content marketing is the use of any type of media as a tool for garnering exposure and sales for your […]

How To Drive Traffic To Your Squeeze age

driving traffic

The last step to building your list is to actually start driving traffic to your squeeze page, after all if nobody sees your squeeze page then nobody is going to sign-up to your list. Now, I want you to understand this from the beginning. For the absolute best results, you really should invest in yourself […]

How To Setup Your Auto-Responder


All right, now it’s time to start setting up your auto-responder. If you setup your auto-responder properly the first time, it can pay you for years to come. There are many reasons for this, but the main thing is that once someone’s on your list, so long as they stay on your list, you can […]

How To Add A High-Dollar Upsell To Maximize Your Profits


Now, let’s talk about adding a high-dollar upsell to maximize your profits. Having a high-dollar upsell in place allows you to really ramp up your business. When you have an offer that’s priced at, $97 or over $100 that converts well, you can afford to advertise and get more people into your funnel and ultimately […]

How To Build Your One-Time Offer


So once you’ve created your squeeze page it’s time to put together your one-time offer. It’sbasically a more comprehensive offer that subscribers get right after they opt-in to your squeeze page. Let’s take a look at our funnel again. What we’ve already created is the squeeze page, which is the first part of the funnel […]