How To Choose The Best Marketing Strategy For You

If you’re marketing a high value and presumptively high profit product or service, a multi tiered direct sales funnel might have strong benefits for you and your bottom line. A multi-tiered sales funnel is a strategic marketing example that directs customers through a series of upsells that climax in your ultimate high value product.

First recognize that selling a several thousand dollar product on the net is something that happens daily, but very seldom is it done straight off. I know because I do it all the time with the utilization of a multi-tiered direct sales model.

It’s a simple reality that making a sale to an existing customer is several times easier than making that same sale to a fresh prospect, particularly if the fresh product is akin to the one the customer already bought.

What isn’t so perceptible is that in the head of the customer making another purchase, an upsell on your part, that’s in the same price world, is a manageable step; a price point someplace approximately 2x to 10x of the former product appears to work well.

So blending these 2 observations, we may migrate customers from a fifty dollar entry level product to a four hundred dollar mid level product to a 2,000 dollar product with ease, since at every step, we’ve provided exceptional value, and kept the next “step” in the same price domain as the former… this multi-tiered sales funnel is easily modified to even higher priced products. There have been those who have used it to sell $20,000 training programs easily, just by adding a $9,000 step up from the $2,000 product.

So, why do it this fashion? A few reasons. The 1st we’ve already hit on a little, and it’s because attaining repeat sales is so much easier to do than attaining the 1st sale, as long as you’ve supplied true value and treated your buyers well.

Second, and every bit as crucial, it’s much easier to optimize the early stages of the sales funnel since the 1st step into becoming our customer is a product for less than $50. You are able to begin making a little bit of money while building up your customer base. And then advance to optimizing the creatives in the next tier of the funnel and so forth. This fact alone enables a much more methodical and strategically optimization plan, that will let you profit while getting to the point of making the high end sale.

Naturally the upsells won’t be 100%, but if you do a adept job of writing your sales copy, it’s straight forward to upsell at least a 3rd of your clients over time to each next stage in the product pipeline. And since you’re bringing in money, bettering each stage is much easier and amusing to do!

Mass vs Niche Marketing

This question of whether an marketer should go for niche marketing or mass marketing is a arguable one.

There are commonly 2 philosophies. One group of affiliates would contend that mass marketing can attain a larger group of audience and therefore make volumes of sales. The other, the niche marketers would vouch for the success of niche marketing and relative simplicity to conquer a niche. So who’s right and what should be a choice for you?

Before we dwell into the issue, we need to comprehend what is niche marketing and mass marketing. Niche marketing essentially centers on promoting to a little tight market. This is specialization at play and niches are frequently ignored by big players who can’t be bothered with and are not interested with the small sales volumes produced through niches. Mass marketing, on the other hand, attempts to appeal to the general mass and provide a assortment of products.

Marketing strategy

If you are an affiliate, the question you should ask is what sort of work are you prepared to do, and not whether niche marketing or mass marketing is better. Niche marketing centers on finding little markets which have a demand but weak supply and hence is much easier to master. All the same, in order to grow your affiliate marketing business to a ample one, you need to capture many niches.

So if you’re one who prefers variety and don’t mind attempting and testing out new niches, then by all means, capitalize on niche marketing. This as well requires you to research into a lot of different topics and subjects that are totally unrelated to one another. At the same time, attention has to be spread out to handle different niche sites and you could face the crunch of time.

“Mass marketing is for the big boys and people who think like the big boys.”

That’s what you have come to hear very frequently. But the big boys were once small also. They started small and slowly matured into a size to be reckoned with. Likewise, if you’re prepared to work hard and consistently grow your mass marketing business, over time, you should see your business flourishing. But this calls for a lot of grit and patience, which isn’t what everybody has.

One interesting observation to mention is that many successful affiliates start off with niche marketing 1st before they move into mass marketing. Maybe the instant gratification yielded by niche marketing does make it more likeable to start off with this mode of affiliate marketing over mass marketing. After all, every affiliate needs to come across some real income coming into their accounts to remain motivated.

However, if you want to move into the realm of the ultra successful, you really need to adapt a mass marketing frame of mind!

Marketing Content Tips

Giving away content is a mighty way to get free advertising especially with ads placed prominently. For instance, give others permission to use your article on their site or in their e-zine. The resource box at the end of your article acts as an ad. Reciprocally, you get free advertising. It’s a win/win situation for both you and the people that need the additional content.

There are a lot of forms of free content. It may be articles, reports, news stories, e-books, e-zines, e-mags, virtual e-mail courses, press releases, web books, and so forth.

You are able to take it a step further and make giving away content an even heftier way to get free advertising. For instance, give your free e-book to one person and give them the rights to likewise give it away. Do you see what I’m leading up to? Let’s suppose only twenty people download your e-book. Those twenty individuals may give away your e-book to twenty more individuals. That’s a total of four hundred individuals that have seen your ad in the e-book. And it just continues getting bigger! Make sure your ads are placed prominently in your content.

Content Marketing

If you keep creating free content over a long period of time it starts expanding. Now, take all your free content and create an online directory. You can utilize your free content directory as a site traffic generator. You can ask individuals to add the directory to their site by linking to yours!

As well make sure to market your strengths. Our culture instructs us to center on our weaknesses and then fix them. While practice is vital to improvement in some fields, it’s more crucial to center on your strengths. By turning your strengths into super-strengths, your valuable time may be spent in fields where you feel well-situated.

You do learn from your failures, but you learn a whole lot more from your successes. For the same rationality, we utilize the phrase, “Keep your eye on the ball, and “instead of” Keep your eye on the strike zone.” By centering your attention on the ball, you greatly better your chances of hitting it.

The bottom line is there are a lot of ways to do something incorrectly than resolutions to do it correctly. When success is accomplished, the marketer must realize the processes that produced his/her best qualities and use them as a foundation for a business model.

Study some of these questions as you plan fresh marketing strategies:

- Am I comfier in front of a group, or am I better person-to-person?
- Am I a better communicator verbally or on paper?
- Am I a better communicator on the phone or in the flesh?
- Which makes me feel more squeezed: prospects who just saw an advert and responded to it, or referrals who anticipate more?
- Are my presentations well-received when I work as part of a team, or do I get a fuller response from my audience when I’m delivering solely?

There are countless ways to play up your strengths once you stop centering on your weaknesses. By defining your marketing strengths and gearing your marketing efforts toward those assets, you are able to build a dynamic business model. Always start with this objective in mind!

How To Leverage PLR Content

Publishing an e-book or report is usually a time-intensive project that takes a healthy dose of patience and diligence. Dependent on its size, completing it can take weeks, even months. PLR content can help in a couple of ways. 1st, use the material to fill the bulk of your info product and sprinkle your own thoughts along the way. 2nd, use it for occasional chapters to add heft to your own content. 3rd, batch a group of related articles together to form a free report; place links throughout your report that encourage readers to purchase your e-books.

In a few markets, membership sites may survive almost entirely on PLR content (as long as the material is high-quality). This is particularly true if you’re using a very low price point or a pricing structure based on lifetime access.

A fast side note: everything that I’m saying is under the assumption that the PLR content you’re using is high-quality. There are a lot of individuals selling material. Some of it reads as if it were written by folks who have a “less than perfect” grasp of the English language. Make certain the content you use is beneficial, even if that means paying a few dollars extra. You’ll find that it’s well worth it in the long run.

If you don’t know what PLR is, it’s essentially purchasing the rights to a product and laying claim to it to be your own.

Here’s what PLR can do for you. You can:

- Put your name as the writer of the books! They’re all yours and you have all the rights to claim authorship of all the books and articles!
- Sell these products and hold on to 100% of the profits
- Be instantly branded as an expert in many hot niches! Nothing is left out!
- Edit the material – alter the titles, add in your own affiliate links, promote your own products, edit them in any way that you wish!
- Produce multiple streams of income with your books! You have twenty-eight of them and you are able to have twenty-eight separate streams of income pouring in!
- You are able to separate the content into articles and utilize them to drive valuable traffic from article directories!
- You are able to cut the book up into separate parts or combine them to make your own ultra-big book!
- You are able to even utilize the content to produce your very own E-zine or newsletter.

Save yourself precious time and effort!

When the time comes to fill up a webpage or website use other people’s content through the use of PLR and you’ll be able to leverage your business to new heights and never have to write a single word of your own!

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